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Performing Title Searches

To search for works with William Shakespeare in the title:

  1. Click on Search select Titles from the pulldown menu (Figure 9) This limits your search to titles only.
  2. Select the beginning with option from the next pulldown menu (Figure 9).
  3. Type William Shakespeare in the empty "word(s)" box (Figure 9) and click the Search button. (You are searching for only titles that contain William Shakespeare at the beginning of the line.) A results list similar to that shown in (Figure 10) will appear.
  4. Now change the beginning with option to containing and press Search. (You are now searching for titles with William Shakespeare in any position.) A results list similar to the one shown in (Figure 11) will appear.
  5. Click on the first item in the results list to view an individual record similar to the one shown in (Figure 12). Note that:
    • Underlined text shows links from this record to other information.
    • The Set Limits option may be used as it was for Author searches.
    • MARC Download, and MARC Display buttons are available at the top of the page. (More about them later.)