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Recognizing Elements of the Search Window

When you open ITSMARC, the Search page is automatically displayed (Figure 1).

From the Search page you can:

  • Perform a search using one or more of the available databases;
  • Search the catalog (search only author, title, subject OR notes, subjects OR authors, titles OR subjects, or all of the author, title, subject, or notes fields);
  • Browse (move forward or backward through a word or number search list);
  • Advanced search (use Boolean operators (AND/OR/NOT) to search author, title, subject  notes simultaneously); or
  • Get Online Help.
The following search elements are available:

  • Home button - Returns you to the home page;
  • Help button - Opens the ITS.MARC Help page;
  • Search - clears any search terms entered and limits set;
  • Browse - Opens the Browse search query page;
  • Advanced Search - Opens the Advanced Search page;
  • Find: lets you select Titles, Authors, Subjects, Notes, Authors or Titles, Subjects or Authors, Titles or Subjects, or any field to search;
  • Return pulldown menu - lets you select the number of results that will be displayed per page;
  • Beginning with / containing pulldown menu - lets you search for items in the catalog that begin with or contain the search query;
  • The empty query box - the place where you enter your search terms;
  • The Set Limits option - lets you narrow a search by Date, Language, and Format; and
  • The Search button - launches a search.