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Using Right Hand Truncation in Searches

ITS.MARC allows you to search for partial words in the search query box by using the symbol * to the right of a word fragment. For example, a contains search on titles using the query sales* might return a results list with titles such as Death of a Salesman or Effective Sales Management.

Exact Phrase Searches

You can designate exact phrases to search by enclosing them in quotes ("All's Well that Ends Well").

Searching: Putting it all together

So far you have learned how to

  • Perform author and title searches;
  • Set the begin with and contain parameters
  • Use the "Set Limit" features; and
  • Perform Boolean searches.

The skills you have developed can also be applied to subject, notes, and any items searches. Try the following searches to expand your skills:

  • Notes that contain the phrase William Shakespeare
  • A subject search for William Shakespeare and either drama or poetry
  • Only titles in French containing William Shakespeare

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