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Viewing the General Search Process

Understanding the options available in the simple search process (the Search option) will help you plan your search strategy and obtain consistent search results. In general, the following steps are performed:

  1. The parameters on the main search menu are set (Figure 2a);

  2. The search is limited if necessary (Figure 2b);

  3. The search is launched and a list of matches is displayed (Figure 2c);

  4. An item on the list of matches is selected and the item record is displayed (Figure 2d). Scroll down the page to see the items retrieved for each database selected. (In some cases, you will need to select from a second results list before an individual record is displayed.)

The Home and Help buttons are available throughout the search process, the first returning you to the Search home page, and the second providing access to online Help page. (The Search, Browse, Advanced Search, MARC Display, and MARC Download buttons are also available and are described later.) If you wish to look at the screen previously displayed during your search, select the Back button on your web browser.

This is a good time to practice navigating through ITSMARC. Follow the sequences displayed in Figures 2a through 2d. When you are finished, click the Home button to return to the home page.

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