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BiblioFile™ is the latest incarnation of the long standing favorite of professional catalogers around the world. Over twenty years of MARC software design went into the creation of its powerful full-screen editor. The graphically pleasing and easy interface combines cut and paste, Unicode vernacular characters, MARC validation, authority verification, Z39.50, and powerful edit and print features.

BiblioFile delivers the power tools your technical processing department needs in a single application. That includes the 24-volume, context-sensitive Cataloger's Reference Shelf.

Download BiblioFile software   Installing BiblioFile software

If you are just checking out the ITSMARCservice, use BiblioFile to do so! Get a free trial on CD by calling 800-325-7759 or 304-229-0100, or download the software right now. With BiblioFile, you can edit, organize, and manage the MARC records you download.


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