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Z39.50 or World Wide Web: Which is Best for You?

You can access ITSMARC records by Z39.50 or via your browser. You can switch from one to the other until you find out which fits you best.

Z39.50 Access
Most catalogers find Z39.50 to be the most efficient way to access ITSMARC because they can also search their local database or other Z39.50 servers (e.g., OCLC). If you use a TLC cataloging program (e.g., BiblioFile, Library.Solution), your search is sent to all profiled databases in your preferred sequence. Records appear in a full screen edit window, ready to be saved into your local database, another Z39.50 server, a print queue, or to one or more MARC export files.

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Browser Access
With ITSMARC browser access, you work within your Internet browser to access records from the ITSMARC server. This method is advantageous for librarians who want to be on the Internet as they catalog. Your downloaded records are saved to a file on your hard drive for later editing.