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New Features in BiblioFile Version

For a list of all features, see BiblioFile Software.


Version contains the MARC21 No. 37 (December 2023) and No. 38 (June 2024) updates for bibliographic and authority records. There are additional MARC21 updates. For more information, see This version also contains a licensing update to ensure that current users will not be confronted with a software expiration notice.

Known Issues

There are reported issues in a previous release (1.14.3) or in earlier versions that will be addressed in 2.0 or have been deferred pending user feedback. Learn more.

Upgrading from a prior BiblioFile version

Upgrading from prior versions of BiblioFile is easy. Download the new software or request it on CD from TLC Support. Run the Setup program and select the same options you selected when you installed BiblioFile. i.e., check or uncheck the software and database boxes depending on how your machine is configured. Take note, however, of the following caveat:

  1. In a network environment, be sure to upgrade all client stations that use BiblioFile.

For more information, see the upgrade instructions.

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