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Slow Connection?

  1. Open a DOS window. To do so, click Start, then Programs, then, depending on your operating system, MS-DOS Prompt, Command Prompt, etc.)
  2. Enter the following commands:

tracert >itsmarc.txt <Enter>

tracert >homepage.txt <Enter>

This will create two files -- ITSMARC.TXT and HOMEPAGE.TXT -- on the C: drive of your computer.

  1. E-mail both of these files to with TRACERT in the subject line. Include in the body of the e-mail your name and phone number, library name, time and date you did the tracert, and the name of your Internet Service Provider.

If you prefer, you can copy these files to a floppy diskette and mail them if you cannot send attached files via e-mail. Send the floppy to:

ITS.MARC Trace Route

The Library Corporation

Research Park

Inwood, WV 25428

If you are having persistent problems, it would be helpful if you could perform this task at different times and on different days. The more data we gather, the sooner we can isolate the problem for your library.

TLC strives to keep its servers up 24 hours per day and appreciates having problems reported so they can be resolved. If the problem cannot be immediately resolved, you can access TLC mirror site links at the bottom of this page. Of course, for North American users, these sites would normally provide slower response, but if the internet connection is broken between your site and ours, the Asian sites provide backup.

A number of users also use traditional CD-ROM as a backup. To support this option, TLC supplies quarterly updates of the LC MARC English Current database to all ITS.MARC subscribers. These CDs can be copied to your hard drive or to a file server for super-fast access.

For more information, please call TLC Support at 800-852-4911 or e-mail