What is NewPubMARC?

NewPubMARC is a bibliographic database of about 500,000 MARC records with either publication or creation dates of two years or less. It is compiled from multiple sources and is part of ITS.MARC core. Since it contains newer publications not previously available in ITS.MARC, it should improve the hit rate for all current cataloging operations.

NewPubMARC's data sources include Baker & Taylor, the Library of Congress (provisional records), and Library and Archives Canada. As titles roll off of NewPubMARC, they become part of other ITS.MARC databases.

NewPubMARC is updated weekly. It was added to the web version of ITS.MARC in December 2007. It is also searchable via Z39.50

See the NewPubMARC Database Profile.

Suppliers’ websites: www.btol.com, www.loc.gov, www.collectionscanada.ca.

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