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All TLC cataloging software products include the Cataloger’s Reference Shelf (CRS), a context-sensitive electronic library of MARC manuals and lookup tables.  The CRS is based on 26 electronic MARC manuals and reference works published by the Library of Congress and frequently accessed by technical services staff.

The CRS is an in-depth compendium of cataloging information, easily accessed with one keystroke (F1).  It is a context-sensitive help source for specific cataloging questions as you are cataloging, or as a supplementary source for cataloging information. Want to drill down? The CRS has over 12,000 pages of cataloging information.

By providing quick access to standards information, the CRS helps catalogers produce uniform, high-quality cataloging records.  It includes the following resources and manuals: 

  • a compilation of general information common to all five MARC data formats;

  • detailed information regarding MARC data formats – bibliographic, authority, classification, community information, holdings;

  • MARC code lists for countries, geographic areas, languages, relators, sources, and description conventions;

  • MARC specifications for record structure, character repertoires – including eight MARC-8 and UCS/Unicode code tables, and exchange media;

  • the Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, which provides all valid LC rule interpretations issued since the AACR2 1988 revision for current cataloging standards;

  • thirteen manuals covering cataloging practices for moving images, looseleaf publications, serials, authority control, rare books, graphic materials, cartographic materials, classification, cuttering and shelflisting.


Updated 3/11/2008.

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