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Evaluating ITSMARC: Is it for you?

If you're not already an ITSMARC user, we encourage you to try the service on a 30-day free trial. The BiblioFile MARC editing program and Cataloger's Reference Shelf are included free with ITSMARC. You can download BiblioFile, or we'll send it to you on CD.

Is ITSMARC for you? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I want access to over 77 million MARC records for one flat fee?

  2. Can my technical services department benefit from using a powerful and easy-to-use MARC editor?

  3. Can I benefit from one-key, context-sensitive access to the 24-volume electronic Cataloger's Reference Shelf?

  4. Is it helpful to me to have the ability to create original MARC records for non-hits, using the many templates provided in BiblioFile or creating my own?

  5. Do I want the power of Z39.50 online searching, which allows me to not only search the ITSMARC dataset, but other target library databases?

To get the answers, start your free trial today!

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