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Z39.50 Differences on ITSMARC Servers

TLC has two ITSMARC servers for delivery of MARC records to customers. The first one, located at, is optimized for use by LibrarySolution users. The second one, located at, is optimized for BiblioFile users.

The first server ( supports alphabetic ("begins-with") searching for ISBN, LCCN, UPC, and other numeric searches, and keyword ("contains") searches for title, author, subject, or other text type searches. It does not support alphabetic searches of text fields. The second server ( supports these searches as well as a number of search types popular with advanced users.

If you would like to use some of these advanced search types, see ITS.MARC Z39.50 Configuration Settings for BiblioFile. You will have to set up specific profiles for this purpose, using the settings listed.

For a list of the attribute settings on, see Z39.50 settings for bibliographic records or Z39.50 settings for authority records.

Library Support

If you have any questions about using either ITSMARC server via Z39.50, please call TLC Support at 800-852-4911 or 304-229-0100. You may also email your questions to or enter a support ticket at

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