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Welcome to ITSMARC by TLC, a leader in metadata since 1974

Free Trials

Not sure if ITSMARC is for you? Then use it without paying!

As a trial user, you may access the service and download records from this website, or by using TLC software that uses the Z39.50 protocol, such as BiblioFile, LibrarySolution Cataloging, or your own cataloging software or Z39.50 client.

Searching the ITSMARC databases via the web version are possible without a trial account. A trial account (with a user name and password) is required to download or view MARC records. Authentication is also required to search and download records via Z39.50.

TLC's preference is to establish a specific account for trial users so we can track usage and assist new users with search or access problems. This does impose a short delay into the process while the account is being set up. If you'd rather not wait, TLC maintains two open trial accounts with semi-public passwords that are changed monthly. These passwords may be obtained on the spot from a TLC Inside Sales team.

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