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Cataloger's Reference Shelf

Cataloger's Reference Shelf (CRS) is a context-sensitive digital library covering the MARC standards, code lists, manuals and reference works published by the Library of Congress. The CRS helps catalogers produce high-quality cataloging records according to the MARC data standards.

The updated CRS is included in the annual BiblioFile software update. There is also a web version of CRS.

The CRS includes the following resources and manuals: 

  • A compilation of general information common to all MARC data formats

  • Detailed information regarding MARC data formats - bibliographic, authority, classification, community information, holdings

  • MARC code lists for countries, geographic areas, languages, relator terms, sources, and description conventions

  • MARC specifications for record structure, character repertoires - including eight MARC-8 and UCS/Unicode code tables, and exchange media

  • The Library of Congress Rule Interpretations.

  • Manuals covering cataloging practices for moving images, looseleaf publications, serials, authority control, rare books, graphic materials, cartographic materials, classification, cuttering and shelflisting.

  • General information on the MARC fields that have been revised or updated in order to be compliant with the RDA standards

  • List of RDA resources and suggestions for further reading


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