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Limiting Your Search

So far you've seen that author searches can be limited by word order and word position. They also can be limited by date of publication, language, and format. To use the search limiting features:

  1. Click on "Set Limits" on the search menu. The window shown in (Figure 2b) will appear.
  2. Select the Format checkbox and choose Any non-print from the pulldown menu (Figure 7). (You could check any or all of the boxes. You can select more than one option within a pulldown menu by holding down the Ctrl key when you click on an item.)
  3. Click on the Set Limits button to return to the search menu. Note that the Set Limits feature has changed to Change Limits, indicating that one or more limit has been set.
  4. Enter the search query you last used (authors containing William Shakespeare) and select Find. A new results list will appear (Figure 8) showing only non-print items. The following message appears at the beginning of the results list: Results filtered according to Limits.