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Configuring Your Browser

These instructions will help you prepare your Web browser, so you can easily download MARC records from your searches of ITSMARC on the Web into ITSforWindows or LibrarySolution.  

BiblioFile users are encouraged to use Z39.50 for searching. If you choose to use web searching with BiblioFile, you can open MARC files downloaded from the web version of ITSMARC by dragging these files into BiblioFile or opening them with the File | Open command.

The instructions pertain to Internet Explorer version 6 and Mozilla Firefox version 2+  with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0, XP, or Vista.

If you have problems, or if you use a different version or browser type, you access Help in your browser or contact TLC Support at 800.852.4911. International users contact TLC at 304.229.0100 or via e-mail to:

Internet Explorer Version 7 Users

Changes in Version 7 of Internet Explorer inhibit your ability to download MARC records directly into ITSforWindows or LibrarySolution. You can still obtain MARC records from ITSMARC to use in those applications. For assistance, contact TLC Support at the number shown above.